Plymouth Rock Chickens

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Plymouth Rock Chickens


Plymouth Rock Chickens are a heritage breed with a conservation status of "Recovering". The Barred Plymouth Rock chickens originated in the United States in the early to mid 1800s. This is a dual purpose bird. They are excellent layers and meat birds. The Barred Plymouth Rock was one of the foundation breeds for the commercial broiler industry in the 1920s. Barred Rocks are cold hardy with docile temperaments. These traits make them great backyard birds. They will go broody and will raise their own chicks.

Our chickens are always raised "naturally". We do not add any hormones, chemicals or pesticides. 


We guarantee all our pullets.  If your pullet turns out to be a rooster we will exchange it.  


Chickens must be picked up at the farm by appointment.


Currently Avaiable in Felton, Ca:
Hatched March 27, 2018
Barred Rock, Straight Run, $10
Hatched March 12, 2018
White Plymouth Rock, Straight Run, $10




Currently Available in Creston, Ca:
Started Pullets:
Hatched Feb 26, 2018
Barred Plymouth Rock, Pullets, $20




Barred Rock Hen



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