Black Australorp

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Black Australorp Chickens


Black Australorp is a heritage breed of chicken, with a conservation status of "recovering". Black Australorps orginated in Australia.  Black Australorp Chickens are hardy birds. They are known as good egg layers as well as good meat birds. They have a docile, quiet temperment.   

Our chickens are always raised "naturally" on pasture.  We do not add any hormones, chemicals or pesticides.


We guarantee all our pullets.  If your pullets turns out to be a rooster we will exchange it for a hen.


Chickens and Chicks can be picked up, by appointment.


Currently Available in Felton, Ca:
Hatched March 10, 2018
Black Australorp Pullet Chicks, $10
1 year, Breeding Quality
Black Australorp, $35
Currently Available in Creston, Ca:
Started Pullets:
Hatched Feb 6, 2018
Black Australorp, $20
1 year, Breeding Quality
Black Australorp, $35



Black Australorp Rooster




Black Australorp Chicks raised by a Buff Orpington Hen


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