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Hello everybody, I'm Cece and Joey's dad, taxi driver and full-time money tree. Cece is your typical horse-crazy 11 year old. Well... brainiac 11 year old. Joey is 8 years worth of "all boy." Cece was leasing Sassy, until the fates smiled and we got REALLY lucky. "Bella Dolce" came into our lives... Cece does Gymkhana with the Redwood Riders (District 9) at Eddy Ranch. She also likes trail riding and has done the Fireworks 25 mile endurance ride and St Jude's ride in 2009.  Cece started lessons with Rita (Eddy Ranch), Zayante for a while, White Rock Ranch in Watsonville and is now taking at Silver Bay Farms (a much shorter commute.) Joey has been tagged as "a natural" from his first ride at the Yosemite Pack Station several years ago. He tolk some lessons from Megan at White Rock Ranch and is currently taking lessons at Silver Bay. He doesn't have any serious focus, but enjoys just hanging out with Codie. I'm a "senior engineer" do a lot of amateur radio, camping and public service activities. That should do for now. See you soon!