Buff Orpington Chicken Hatching Eggs

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Buff Orpington Chicken Hatching Eggs


Our Chickens are taking a break for the winter. Check back with us in March. Thank you.


These are hatching eggs for use in an incubator or under a hen to hatch chicks.  These eggs will produce Buff Orpington Chicks.  

This is a heritage breed of chicken with a conservation status of "Recovering".  Buff Orpingtons originated in Orpington England.  Buff Orpingtons are wonderful dual purpose chickens.  They are good layers and good meat birds.  Buff Orpington chickens are often the choice for urban dwellers as they tend to be quieter.  Buff Orpington chickens also tend to be rather docile and easy to handle.  All in all, Buff Orpingtons make good backyard and farm chickens.


Our chickens are always raised "naturally".  We do not add any hormones, chemicals or pesticides.  Our chickens are fed from crops that were grown on our farm.  Our farm crops are also grown "naturally".  No chemicals, no pesticides, no manufactured fertilizers.  

Our Hatching Eggs are sold by the dozen, with 12 eggs per box. So, if you choose a quantity of "1" you will be ordering one dozen. 

Eggs can be picked up at the farm or they can be shipped to you.  If you want to pick them up at the farm please email or call to make an appointment.  You can email us by using the "Contact Us" button at the top of this page.  Or if you place your order here and choose the option of "Pick up" then we will contact you when your eggs are ready.

We ship USPS Priority 1-4 Day Mail.  If any eggs are broken or do not hatch we will replace them for the cost of shipping.  Sorry we can only ship to the United States at this time.

Pickup at the ranch or have your eggs shipped to you.

Shipping Charges are as follows:

1 Dozen $14.00

2 Dozen $18.00




Price: $15.00