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Late Summer Poultry Sale 



This year we have added a second location.  Below is a list of what is available in each location.  If you want to order something from one location and pick up in another please let us know in the comments section of your order.
Currently available in Felton, Ca:
Only a couple birds left in Felton....  
1 Delaware Hen
Currently laying extra large, brown eggs.
3yrs old, $35,  $25
1 Easter Egger Rooster
Breeding Quality
1yr old $25, $15
Narrangansett Turkeys:
(Sorry, these are the only birds that are not reduced) 
Heritage bred Turkeys
Hatched June 25, 2018
Straight Run $35 each
1 Welsh Harlequin Duck
1 year, $35, $15
Currently Available in Creston, Ca
Laying Hens:
Available Breeeds: Black Australorp, Black Marans, Barred Plymouth Rock, White Plymouth Rock, Buff Orpington, Cuckoo Marans.
All hens are currently laying. 
1yr old, $35 each, $25
All Roosters are Breeding Quality
Barred Plymouth Rock Rooster, $25, $35
Black Australorp Rooster, $25, $35
Stock is low. 
Please contact us to check availability.
Silver Bay Farms:
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