Marans Chicken Hatching Eggs

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Marans Chicken Hatching Eggs


Our Chickens are taking a break for the winter.  Check back with us in March.  Thank you.


Marans is a French Breed of chicken from the port town of Marans.  This is a dual purpose bird known for its very dark "Chocolate" eggs and fine meat qualities.  They are generally quiet and docile.  They take well to free ranging  in rough terrain and are also tough and disease-resistane.  They also take well as backyard chickens as they have a gentle temperament and quiet demeanor towards people.


There are 9 recognized colors in teh French Standard: Cuckoo, Golden Cuckoo, Black, Birchen, Black Copper, Wheaton, Black-tailed Buff, White and Columbian.  Other colors not officially recognized also exist, such as Blue Copper, Blue and Splash.


Our Hatching Eggs are sold by the dozen, with 12 eggs per box.  So, if you choose a quantity of "1" you will be ordering one dozen.


Eggs can be picked up at the farm or they can be shipped to you.  If you want to pick them up at the farm, choose the "Pick up at the Farm" Option and we will contact you when your eggs are ready.


If you want your eggs shipped to you, we ship USPS Priority Mail.  If any eggs are broken or do not hatch we will replace them for the cost of shipping.  Sorry, we can only ship to the United States at this time.


Shipping Charges are as follows:

1 Dozen $14

2 Dozen $18











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