Names submitted for Foal Name Contest

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This is a list of names submitted for consideration.   As new names are submitted I will try to keep the list updated.  Thanks for your entries.


Names submitted by Cece K.

Topaz, Ruby, Raine, Liberty, Morgan, High Flyin' Flag, Fight for Freedom, Pegasus, Tango, Cha Cha, Sugar Plum Fairy, Suspeded Belief, Sweet Dreams, Tinkerbelle, Titania, With Any Luck, All That Jazz, Aria, Calypso, Serenade, Felicity, Happily Ever After, Adelaide, Aruba, Jewel, Garnet, Comet, Sugar & Spice, Pepper, Calliope, Toffee, Tiger Lily, Violet, Zinnia, Snow Drop, Serenity, Chance, Charm, Fame, Malakai, Cowboy, Freedom, Whulfghar, Merlin, Star Scream, Shambala, Zodiac, Aries, Gemini, War Drums, Elusive Melody, Piano Man, Rhapsody, Silver Flute, Symphony, Wild Thing, Rapture, Satisfaction, Slice of Heaven, Santiago, Shanghai, Makoa, Makani, Colt Forty Five, Joker, Banner, Andonis, Aladinn, Candy Man, Casanova, Captain America, Cyrano, Duke, Heartthrob, Highwayman, Hope, Pearl, Rose, Starry Night, Diamond in the Rough, Honor Bound, For Love of Country, Star Dust, Rouge, Limelight, Asleyah, Elusive Enchantment, My Fair Lady, Picture Perfect, Promise Bay, Exclusively Yours, Double Delight, Ebony, Ebony Rose, Echonovas, Eladora, Ember, Enchanted, Endless Encore, Eowyn, Vanilla Bliss, Pardon Moi French, Champagne, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabaret Act, Scotch on the Rocks, Sweetie Belle, Jack of Diamonds, Deamboat, King of Hearts, King of the Road, Lancelot, Lionheart, Lord of the Dance, Maximus, Optimus, Rambo, Romeo, Sorcerer, Warrior, Zeus, Challenger, Checkmate, Citation, Cosmos, Midas, Pariot, Winchester, Rouge Fighter, Black Tie Affair, Finnegan, Claybrooke, Snoopy, Prince of Theives, Patron, Omaha, Hello Seattle, Firefly, Kilakila, Kaulike, Pua, Main Event, Mane Attraction, Omen, Razz a Ma Tazz, Gismo, Aztec Gold, Custom Blend, Custom Chrome, Allure Amulet, Censored, Disco, Dynamite, Enigma, Masquerade, Renegade, Rendezvous, Sahara, Samba, Salsa, Saxon, Spitfire, Sweet Success, Talisman, Twilight, Undercover, Penny Lane, Rapid Fire, Red Baron, Old Flame, Valentine, Wild Fire, Ace of Spades, After Dark, Basic Black, Back in Black, Battle Star, Black Diamond, Black Fire, Black Gold, Black Knight, Black Swan, Black Jack, Black Watch, Cloak and Dagger, Condor, Eclipse, Formal Attire, Black Tie, Moon Shadow, Night Rider, Night Watchman, Night Hawk, Nightingale, Night Wind, Obsidian, Onyx, Panther, Passionately Black, Raven, Queen of the Night, Top Hat, Tuxedo, Bow Tie, Zorro, Paint It Black, Ovation, Oracle, Pizazz, Extra Extra, Game Over, I R Genius, Fandango, Foxtrot, Last Dance, Beyond Reproach, Blue Danube Waltz, Captive Heart, Desert Jewel, Moonlight Sonata, Poetic Justice, Poetry In Motion, Unbridled Passion, Dance A Dream, Rivers of Fire, Prince/ss Fire Dancer, Karma, Paladinn, Fanfare, Secret Wager, Domino, Brandy, Chance of Showers, Secret Agent 005, Code Name, That's Classified, Lyric, Kitten on the Keys, Maple Leaf Rag



Names submitted by Jennifer L.

Tulalip, Gwennfuyr, Ekaterina



Names submitted by Rachel C.

Czar, Diablo, Treble, Rebel, Revolution, Allegro, Sticatto, Legatto Legatto, Avon, Enlisted, Renasance, Baroque



Names submitted by Carly H.

 Viola, Elody, Melody, Willow, Velvet, Sugar on Top, Morning Dove, Octavious, Wild One, Black & White, Simpony, Pride, Tiger, Fermata, Eagles Flight, Eclipse, Cricket, Honeydew, Moonlight, Forget me not


Names submitted by Becky C.

Ebony/Ebony Princess (for black filly), Eclipse, Enchantress/Enchanted, Eternal Flame, Eldorado, Eternal Inspiration, Evening Star, Evergreen, Explorers Quest, Eye Of The Storm, Early Bird, Equestria, Equine Magic, Electric Voltage, Ember’s Light, East Wind’s Sprit, Easy Goes It, Emeralds Glory, Earth’s Miracle, Eeny Meeny Miny Moe, Everlasting Beauty, Ever So Late, Everyone’s Wish, Enter Prize, Evaluation, Eco System. 



Names submitted by Sarah S.

Epollo, Ephofine, Elley, Excite, Excel, Earney



Names submitted by Kim B.

Silverado's Express, Arora's Bay, Arora's Gem


Names submitted by Lainey A.

Ember, Ender



Names submitted by Cyd B.

Elation, Exuberance, Exultation, Volt 




Names submitted by Kelly R.

Euripedes, Euripides




Names submitted by Kim

Ecstatica  Barn name: Ecco/ Echo




Names submitted by Carmen J.

Ethereal Silver, Early Morning Dew, Easily Admired, Effercesvence, Effercescent Electricity, Echo in the Wind, Earthly Enchantment, Eightpenny Treasure, Electric Charge, Electric Arc, Electric Glow, Elf Prince/Princess, Elixir of Life, Elixir of Love, Emerald Enchanter/Enchantress, Endlessly Graceful, Energy Released, Escape from Eden, Evasive Answer, Elusive Dream, Evensong's Melody, Explosive on Demand, Enigmatic Royalty, Count/Contessa, Cream of the Crop, Rosie, Illusion, Aurora, Jazz, Valentine, Ruby, Wendy, Peter Pan



Names submitted by Kai

Echelon,  Endymion (another name from Greek mythology), Erato, Europa, Euphoria (Greek again), Eurus (Greek god of the east wind), Euterpe (Muse of lyric poetry), Erebus (A region of the Greek underworld), Erowid, Elemental, Era, Eon, Epiphany, Eternity, Euchre,
Evanescence, Evasion, Eden, Estrella, Ember, Excalibur, Express, Exodus, Erwin,
Eureka, Eowyn, Eastbound, Echidna, Eclipse, Ellipse, Eider, Electrode, Electron, Encino,



Names submitted by Meliza

Emcee, Excalibur, Extraordinaire, Extra Bey, ET Bey, Zaptra NA, Eevee, Electrabey, Emerican Bey, Enoch, Entrevous, Elemara, Coalitia, Equinox, Emerging Light, Enlightenment, Silver Bey, Earnest Bey, Esther, Calibur, Ezariah, Enka, Ellie, Elli, Epic, Enema, Easy, Chocolat, Emerging Sun, Emerging Night, Emerging Day, Emerging Dawn, Electric Bey, Electramare, Silver Bey, Electra Bey, Ellis



Names submitted by Emily S.

Zena, Electrica, Midnight Beauty, Talitha Koum, Paloma, Ebony Beauty, Quicksilver, Dusk, Luna, Roslyn, Snow White and Dapples.



Names submitted by Gretchen

ElectrAfied, Electrified Energizer, Eclectically charged, Electric Charge, E-volt colt, Eclectic Voltage / lightening, Equestric, Excite, Electrostatic Charger, Elected official, E-bey, E-boy, Elected by Majority, Expedited, Static Electricity, ElectraFolly, ElectraFiance, ElectaCrackle, ElectraSpecial, Exponential Potential, ElectrAmazing, Electrode, Electral Exposure, E-ticket, ElectroShock Therapy, Echo, Electral Echo, Echoes of Electra, Ecstatic 





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