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Wyandotte Chickens


The Wyandotte Chicken is a heritage breed that dates to the 1870's.  It is named for the indigenous Wyandot people of North America. It is a dual purpose bird that is often used as a show bird.  Popular for its rose comb, brown eggs and yellow skinned meat. It was originally called the American Sebright. The original color was the Silver Laced variety.  From there many color variations were developed. In the United States 9 colors are recognized, Black, Blue, Buff, Columbian, Golden Laced, Partridge, Silver Laced and Silver Pencilled.


Our Chickens are always raised naturally.  No hormones, chemicals or pesticides are added.  All our chickens are pasture raised.

We gurantee all our chickens.  If your hen turns out to be a rooster we will switch it for a hen.

Chickens and Chicks can be picked up by appointment only.


Currently Available in Felton, Ca:

Silver Laced Wyandotte, $20
Pullet Chicks
Hatched Feb 26, 2018

Currently Available in Creston, Ca:

Golden Laced Wyandotte, $20
Started Pullets
Hatched Feb 6, 2018







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