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Chickens, Ducks and Turkeys for Sale 




This year we have added a second location.  Below is a list of what is available in each location.  If you want to order something from one location and pick up in another please let us know in the comments section of your order.
Currently available in Felton, Ca:
Hatched March 12, 2018
Cornish Cross, Straight Run, $8* 
Delaware, Cockerels, $8*
Hatched March 5, 2018
Red Broilers, Straight Run, $8* 
Hatched Feb 26, 2018
Laying Hens: 
All Laying Hens are 1yr old. 
$35 each
All Roosters are Breeding Quality
Welsh Harlequin
Choice of Male *
11 months, $15
Currently Available in Creston, Ca
Started Pullets:
Hatched Feb 6, 2018
Laying Hens:
All  Laying Hens are 1 yr old
$35 each
We are currently sold out.  Please check back as our hens start to lay we will have more available.
All Roosters are Breeding Quality
We are currently sold out 
* Stock is low on these choices.  Please contact us to check availability.